8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Logo Lanyards

The holidays are indeed just around the corner! This is the perfect time to plan your corporate souvenir items for your loyal customers. With numerous items that you can choose from, why should you choose logo lanyards?

Here are 8 reasons why.
1. They are highly customizable.

This makes them perfect tools to promote your business.You can put your company name, logo, and tagline on the lanyards anyway you want it. You have the freedom to design it as you wish. Also, unlike in small promotional items like pins or buttons, there is full guarantee in logo lanyards that the prints are large enough to be easily seen by all, clients and non-clients, alike. This makes it a great marketing tool. People would become familiar with your company name as they continually read and see it on other people.You could also add anything, for instance a one-liner holiday greeting to personalize your tokens. Your customers would surely value your expression of appreciation for their continued patronage.

2. These lanyards are functional.

Logo LanyardsThe recipients of your company’s logo lanyards would appreciate the various uses that this item has. Primarily, it holds small but very important personal things like ID, rings of keys, flash drives, whistle, pens or other what-have-you. In addition, some attachments would permit carrying of larger and heavier objects such as cellphone, cameras and water bottles. Plus, they can also function as accessories. Beautifully designed and colorful lanyards would look great in plain black or white shirts and denims.

3. It is economical.

Understandably, though you want to give something of value to your clients but you also do not want to spend so much on this. Logo lanyards would suit your budget as you can have a price range of between $0.57 to $3.00, depending on the quantity, style and width of the lanyards. Most of the time, lanyard attachments, design making and revisions, plus shipping (within certain locations) come free.

4. Lanyards are sturdy.

It could be embarrassing to give something to loyal customers that breaks, rips, or gets damaged quite easily, isn’t it? With lanyards, you would not have this problem. Theycould last for years, even for decades.

5. Lanyards are eye catching.

You cannot miss to see something hanging on someone’s neck, right? With thousands of colors, five different styleand three sizesto choose from, you would not fail to come up with designs that are attractive to behold. Lanyards are definitely attention grabbers.

6. Ordering is hassle free.

With the busyness of the season, do not add stress to yourself. Stay at home, use your fingers and computer and order away. Everything can be done online, including the payment. After the ordering process is done, you could now relax and wait for two weeks for the delivery. It is so easy.

7. Unlike pins and buttons, they wont damage the clothes (lapels or collars) of your clients.

That’s why there is much possibility that your clients would wear them compared to other wearable souvenir items.

8. They can be recycled.

Even when the lanyards have done their parts throughout the years, people could still recycle them to function other than as lanyards.Sewing 2-3 lanyards together would make apet’sleash.Do you know that you can also convert them as bookmarks, camera or cloth bag straps, shoelaces or belts? Otherpeoplewho are sentimental, collect various lanyards that they receive throughout the years and display themat their homes or offices.

There are actually more than 8 reasons why you should choose this particular souvenir item. However, these eight are more than enough reasons why you can never go wrong with logo lanyards.

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