A Beginner’s Guide in Using Hybrid Clubs

Golf started centuries ago. The golf clubs used are made of actual wood and metal iron. As centuries pass, manufacturers introduce developments to the making of the golf clubs. The wood becomes a classification rather than a material reference. Wooden clubs became a metal “wood”. Irons are still metals but of lighter versions such as titanium. The hybrid clubs also appeared.

First, it only meant to rescue golfers from getting the ball out of a rough spot. However,many golfers find that these could be handy during a game. These hybrids can have their own place in the golf bag, not just the purpose of rescuing.

Trainers often advise their beginner students to use hybrid as their first irons since these are easier to use in a swing. Here are a few guidelines in using hybrid clubs during your play.

Gripping the Shaft

Hybrid clubsYour left-hand drives the swing of your club and holding the shaft of a hybrid club properly brings you additional advantage and swing power. To know the proper grip, hold a club in a pinching manner like when you hold a tee in between your thumb and forefinger. Keep the stance as you swing. Practice it with a ball and observe how far it goes with the grip

Swinging the Right Way

Most beginners have problems maintaining consistency after the tee point. They are struggling to make their second shot land on the fairway that is closer to the green. They are either topping the ball or simply hitting a bunker or an obstacle. However, with the use of hybrid clubs, you can avoid these situations.

To swing properly, imagine that you are swinging a hula-hoop instead of a golf club. It means you have to swing a full circle, from your back swing up to your front swing.

Using a hybrid club in a rough

A rough is an area in the golf course with taller and unkempt grass. It is usually outside the fairway and near bunkers and the green. Hitting the ball in a rough is sometimes difficult. Most of the times, the tall grasses lend elusiveness as to the proper position of the ball.

That is why, in this area, ball position is critical in making a solid impact with the ball. Otherwise, you end up topping the ball and risk landing it in a more difficult spot. Worst, you fail to make contact with the ball and barely out of the rough.

The secret in creating the proper position is to set up your feet together, making the ball the center of your stance. Take a half step forward with you left foot and do the same with the right. Then, flare each toe out in a slight position. This position centers the ball in between your heels. It creates a steep angle attack making the club head in less contact with the grass and more with the ball.

Getting out of the difficult spots

Bunkers and water hazards are examples of difficult spots. Bunkers are sand traps with slightly raised barriers. On the other hand, water hazards are either a pond or stream placed strategically throughout the golf course to add beauty and challenge.

Landing on sand traps is common during a game. If you happen to hit a bunker, using one of your hybrid clubs helps. The design of the hybrid is to create a sliding motion when it hits the ball. Even if you make a fat before the actual contact of the club head with the ball, you can still lift the ball out of the sand trap. A fat shot is when the club makes contact with the ground first before it actually hits the ball.

Landing on rough or bunker seems frustrating to a beginner like you. However, using hybrid clubs definitely lessen your frustration and build confidence with your play. With the use of proper swing, grip, and body stance, you have a powerful combination in your play.